Sunday, February 1, 2015

Quality Mulch in Noblesville: Choosing the Best Type for Your Lawn

Do you have a problem with weeds on your lawn, or do you simply wish to have a little change of scenery outside your home? Mulches can help you both in defending your precious lawn from weeds and in improving your garden’s landscape. Aside from protecting your lawn from weeds, mulch can also regulate your soil’s temperature and decreases the likelihood of erosion and water loss, thus making your grass (and even your plants) healthier and greener. Usually, mulches are made of bark and wood fiber, which are acquired from sawmills. These are then subjected to grinding until it reaches the right consistency and aged for a darker, earthy color. Mulches have either coarse, shredded, or fine consistencies, which can determine how fast it will decompose (the finer the mulch, the faster it will decay), and once it does disintegrate, it will add nutrients to the soil and, consequently, to your plants.

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