Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Noblesville Lawn Care: Maintenance Gaffes to Avoid During Cold Season

You have a beautiful home, now you want to have the well-maintained landscape to go along with it. After all, what kind of Noblesville homeowner wouldn’t want to consistently have a welcoming outdoor living space? Now that winter is fast approaching, however, you need to avoid a few landscape maintenance mistakes that are so common during the season. Here are some of them: Not watering the plants All types of plant life need water even during the cold winter months. Lack of water could result in serious damage arising from dehydration or disease. Although plants are dormant during winter, they still have some basic metabolic functions that must be driven with water. As long as you water early in the day, the water can supply your plants with the essential nutrients and also protect them against nighttime freezes.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Noblesville, IN Lawn Care: Pros and Cons of 4 Popular Turf Grasses

A beautiful lawn enhances the landscape, while a poor one diminishes it. More than their aesthetic value, well designed lawns also aid in erosion control, filter pollutants, supply oxygen, and provide ample space for activities. One of the most important components of a beautiful lawn is the lawn grass. That said, it’s important to choose the right type of grass for your location and lifestyle. In Indiana, four species of grass are best suited for home lawns: fine fescue, tall fescue, perennial ryegrass, and Kentucky bluegrass. Each of the four most popular lawn grasses come with pros and cons applicable to different situations.