Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Professional Tree Removal in Noblesville, IN Ensures a Thorough Job

Trees are an excellent part of any yard. They can improve your lawn by fighting soil erosion, providing a source of shade, and simply beautifying the whole area. However, it is sometimes necessary to remove them. An article by Certified Professional Horticulturist Virginia Williams for the University of Maryland’s College of Agriculture & Natural Resources cites some valid reasons for performing tree removal in Noblesville. One of them is because the tree is of an undesirable species: Undesirable trees include black locust, Siberian elm, box elder, mulberry, poplars, Bradford pear, silver maple, tree of heaven, mimosa, catalpa, empress tree, and willows. Characteristics that make some trees “undersirable” [sic] include: weak wood prone to frequent breakage, always dropping large quantities of debris, shallow roots that damage lawns and pavement, often infested with diseases or insects specific to the tree species or being an invasive species by prolific reseeding in the landscape.

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