Thursday, May 29, 2014

Noblesville Lawn Care Specialists Apply Mulch for Beauty and Function

"Use a rake to apply mulch evenly throughout the soil bed. Don’t forget to leave a couple of inches of space between the plants and the mulch to reduce any chances of stem rots. Piling up mounds of mulch around the base of plants can only smother and suffocate plants and trees; make sure it does not exceed 3 inches in depth at any point, and that it’s totally flat. Putting mulch in your yard for spring time can be time-consuming with all the measuring and setting the materials down. When you’re pressed for time, you can seek the assistance of professional Noblesville lawn care experts who have years of experience in dealing with yard maintenance. They can work efficiently to prevent weed from growing and developing in your lawn, hold much needed moisture in the soil and to enhance the bountiful greens of your garden."

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